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Suna Reeds cane field is located in Tarsus, the south of Türkiye where the climate is hot.  After the harvest, it is carefully dried under the sun and cut into tubes to the desired size. Bassoon, baroque bassoon and contrabassoon canes are produced in different diameters from 22 to 30 mm.

Suna Reeds, which exports tube canes and bassoon reeds to Finland, Japan, Switzerland and Germany via Türkiye, harvests at least 1000 kilograms every year.

In a short time, Suna Reeds was appreciated by reed makers around the world thanks to their compact feature that eases reed making. Our new age high quality canes are suitable for all shapers used in making various bassoon reeds such as 1a, 2, T, 29, 34.

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